Corn Flakes


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Corn Flakes is one of nature’s most nutritious and delicious high fibre health food which gives energy and vitality for your daily needs from the sugar, salt and malt syrup added.

AIMS Food Products (INDIA) is able to produce quality Corn Flakes that are made using quality sweet corns that is crisp fresh and gives a crunchy taste. These are appreciated for their features like absolute source of iron and vitamin C, which is important for the growth of children.

Our Cornflakes are light but highly nutritious, which give optimum energy for the day. The ingredients used for processing cornflakes is corn, sugar, malt extract, salt, vitamins,iron and anti-oxidants. Some of the nutrition facts of cornflakes are as follows:

Nutrient Information

  Energy   119 Cal.
  Protein   4.4 Gm.
  Fibre   0.3  g.
  Carbohydrate   23.3 g
  Vitamin B2   0.6  mg.
  Niacin   3.80 mg.
  Vitamin B1   0.3   mg
  Sodium   0.3   mg
  Iron   2.4   mg
  Fat   0.2    gm.

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