Choco Flakes 375 Gm Box
Choco Flakes 150 Gm Box
Choco Flakes 30 Gm Pouch

with Choco Flakes children can enjoy all the flavor of the cereals, cookies and cocoa without giving up a healthy breakfast. AIMS "Choco Flakes", a complete and balanced breakfast that will provide all the energy needed to mealtime.

Nutrient Information (Per 30gm )

    Energy   116 KCal
    Fat   0.60 gm
    Total Carbohydrates   25.40 gm
    Complex Carbohydrates   13.10 gm
    Sugar   12.05 m.
    Fibre   1.09 gm
    Protein   2.31 gm
    Sodium   0.07 gm
    Cholesterol   0.00 gm

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